Check out my homebrewed VR music video for the track "Nimbus" available on the Oculus Store now!!!

Nimbus is a VR music video designed to mesmerize and excite. It's vivid colors and lively hip hop rolled into one fun trip. If you're a fan of light shows and rainbows, you can't miss it! Created by artist Calmfixup, the music and visuals are timed up so that you lose yourself in the rhythm and feel every instrument!



Welcome to my little corner of the internet! 

This is a space where you can learn more about all the stuff I like to make. This is where I'll put every little thing about me for you to peruse at your leisure. 

Currently, I've got 2 albums in the oven, and I just finished my first VR music video Nimbus! Check it out on the Oculus Store!

Stay Tuned